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"We were surprised at the result of this SMS Campaign. Sales increase the day after we sent the messages. we will be using this next time we have a promotion on" Telesat International

"What attracted me to GreenPower SMS was the price. The cost per text was almost half what I was paying previously and atleast 25% cheaper than any of the other SMS companies I know. The system itself is so easy to use, we got up and running in 5 minutes" PrintMagic Uganda

"We used to spend ages calling our customers to let them know when they could expect deliveries. it was time consuming and very expensive. Now all our customers receive a text within 1 hour after we have offloaded. its just far more professional and efficient" AIWE Shipping Uganda

"Very easy to use web interface, lots of good features and ideas on the site to help with your SMS based marketing. Plus the SMS credits are very competitively priced. What more do you need to know?" Enterprise Uganda

"Really impressed with the whole package, after looking at a few alternatives for integrating SMS to web projects, I found this the best SMS API and was up and running very quickly. Integrating this into clients website, so people receive a text straight after completing an online form which is working well. The customer service has been first class too. Real value for money." Elmot Uganda (IT Firm)

"Setting up is straightforward and the cost of texts puts almost all other competitors to shame. Correspondence and assistance is quick and efficient with almost instant support available. Would highly recommend anyone to use this service." KTSL Accountancy

"I found this company through Google, and i must say it has been a gem. Such good value for money. I would recommend this service for any company looking to progress in digital marketing!! I really liked the fact it operates on such a simple platform.” Epic Agencies Uganda

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